Tuesday, May 4, 2010

printing printing printing... how do you work this thing again?

here i sit... the week of finals... printing on a bajillion (17) sheets of paper. the paper that i MADE... the paper that took me forever to get to the 'this-looks-nice-enough-to-turn-in' stage. so now i'm digitally printing on the back of it which is scary because i don't know much about all this fancy computer stuff. it kinda feels like watching your child ride their bike for the first time... i'm just waiting for this paper to fall and scrape it's knee. only problem is... they don't really make band-aids for handmade paper projects. *sigh*

will promise to post pictures later!

and now it's later! i think i did this last year? better late than never huh? these are from the papermaking class i took. this is a sheet of paper that i pulled myself and then used a stencil i made from mylar (that overhead projector clear sheet stuff that teachers use in elementary school) and pulp painted the layered coral imagery (which was the stencil), and then the silhouette of my son and the words are letterpressed with rubber based inks! man i loved that class.

this is the close up of the inside. it says: I find you buried in the flood
tangled among dreams abandoned

this is the inside

this is the sheet folded once in half. this is digitally printed which was the scary part i was talking about earlier.

and this is it with the final fold. another digital print.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

feltin' fool

although i am really excited about knowing how to needle felt... i find myself putting a current project for my surface design class to the back burner. maybe it's because i feel more comfortable with the technique (though if i practiced more i would be waaaay better) and the fact that even though it can be time consuming i have so far been able to do a lot of the felting right before class! i am now realizing that i am cheating myself out of making a really great project and possibly a really awesome grade for the class. so, seeing as how i have exactly 2 weeks left to finish this project and make it awesome that's exactly what i'm gonna try to do! send me your good thoughts and well wishing. and if you are interested in how awesome needle felting can be check out this awesome and innovative artist... www.stephaniemetz.com

and finally here are the pictures from MY big felted project from this past spring (?) semester! not the best pictures but you get the idea :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Here I am... but where am I?

I'm waaaay past due for one of these little bloggie things... better late than never I suppose!  I hope to remind myself to be devoted to this blog just in case anyone decides to read about lil' ol' me and what I deem bloggable... just how many times DOES the word blog (or some form of it) get mentioned on these things?  "Check out my blog"  "so, yeah i was blogging yesterday and..." "I blog you!"  "blog off!" .... oh geez here I go... somebody stop me!