Tuesday, May 17, 2011

so many exciting things!

i graduated just this saturday from Memphis College of Art!  it's been 5 and a half long years but i made it.  and next i am leaving this thursday to go to Horn Island.  this will be my third year going on this amazing trip sponsored by MCA but this will be the 27th year anniversary of the start of the program!  we spend 8 days on an island (horn island) off the coast of mississippi.  last year we were leaving just as the first signs of the effects of the oil spill were showing up.  i am both excited and nervous to see what the spill has changed about the island.  hopefully there will be just as many dolphins early in the morning, pelicans, crabs, jellies, fish and all of the many other animals that inhabit this beautiful place. here is a small ceramic sculpture that i made after last years trip.

when i get back (may29th)  i plan to post pictures of the babycreep sculptures and jewelry that i created recently.  be on the lookout in the next few months!