Tuesday, April 27, 2010

feltin' fool

although i am really excited about knowing how to needle felt... i find myself putting a current project for my surface design class to the back burner. maybe it's because i feel more comfortable with the technique (though if i practiced more i would be waaaay better) and the fact that even though it can be time consuming i have so far been able to do a lot of the felting right before class! i am now realizing that i am cheating myself out of making a really great project and possibly a really awesome grade for the class. so, seeing as how i have exactly 2 weeks left to finish this project and make it awesome that's exactly what i'm gonna try to do! send me your good thoughts and well wishing. and if you are interested in how awesome needle felting can be check out this awesome and innovative artist... www.stephaniemetz.com

and finally here are the pictures from MY big felted project from this past spring (?) semester! not the best pictures but you get the idea :)


  1. Hey, looks good Nikkila. I have a friend who does a lot of felting and she is awesome at it. I am going to get you her info and maybe you guys could do a collaboration side project some day :)

  2. i WISH this was my work! it's stephanie metz's work... she's awesome. it'd be great to get together with another felter though :D. i'll post the project when this semester is over.