Friday, January 14, 2011

And OH the possibilities!

it's overwhelming sometimes. everything. the choices, the options, the possibilities that every day holds. just thinking about it makes me feel like spacing out at the computer staring at pretty things on etsy or snooping through facebook photos of people i've barely spoken to this past year. i have tons of things with which to create but it's daunting. the thought of the many many ideas that go through my mind for just one little object or piece of fabric, yarn or clay. ugh... it's not lack of creativity but having too much that seems to be the trouble. how silly. i am, however, thankful that my mind is not a complete blank. just a crazy conglomeration of "i could make this into this or this or this or THIS!" man oh man... i better get to making. here's what i made yesterday...

gotta put my brain on channel focus so i don't waste today on indecision! :D


  1. You are amazing and can do whatever you put your mind to! I believe in yew! :) P.S. you are also the ceramics princess.

  2. 1. headband - WANT. my ears are cold and need your help!

    2. ditto on the ceramics princess-ness

    3. i relate SO much to this. my brain has about 90 projects circulating at all times. it frustrates me sometimes and actually pushes me to the point of doing nothing. but i suppose we should feel fortunate to be SO creative that ideas are always flowing!

    4. you are magic :)

  3. aw thank you marie! i miss you

    maggie... your ears will be warmed no probs... name a color and it's done! and you make my heart all fuzzy and warm sweet friend thanks :)

  4. I think as makers it is easy to become distracted by the possibilities. The hardest part for me is in those first moments that I start to work on something that I need to get finished only to find myself putting it down and starting something new. Focus can be a really good thing sometimes.

  5. gah i really love the cream colored one that you have in a picture on FB. but peach could be pretty. a pale peach. yes, i like that.

  6. I'm going to add your blog to blogs I like on mine. :)